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Payment and shipping

Welcome to the payment and shipping department of our replica watch shop - Watchcopy.live. Let me introduce you to the options we can offer you.

Before I start, I would like to say a few words about the special features associated with selling replica watches.

You will surely have noticed that there is no real replica watch shop in Germany or other EU countries. Only online shops are available.
Unsurprisingly, the sale of such goods is banned in many countries, but not in all of them.
This fact is used by online stores to sell replica watches in Germany. Registering a company in some offshore zones allows such activity, but it brings with it some features.

Payment to a German account is only offered by very small and naive traders. We advise you not to buy replica watches from such people.
Payment to German accounts seems reliable, but it is not. Payment for such goods on German accounts can justifiably be shown as illegal and can be blocked for an indefinite period (i.e. forever).
Payment by credit card is also not possible.
No bank will offer credit card processing to the replica merchant.
If you are asked to pay for Replica Watch by credit card, it is one hundred percent a scam.

Cash on delivery is not possible for the same reasons. Cash on delivery is actually a contract between you, the seller and Deutsche Post.

However, Deutsche Post never enters into a contract for the delivery of prohibited products.

Some small merchants from Germany try to deceive the post office, but as a rule such a business does not take long and such payments are often blocked.

Plus, buying replica watches by surname doesn't protect you either. For example, you can easily get a beach watch and not a single lawyer can file a lawsuit for counterfeiting, so it is not possible to purchase replica watches cash on delivery.
Paying replica watches in Germany via PayPal is also forbidden according to the rules of the payment system, but we can still offer this payment method for small amounts and thus enable you to purchase replica watches Germany paypal.

When it comes to ordering replica watches, it is imperative to ensure that the seller is delivering REPLICAS WITHOUT DUTIES.
Otherwise, your order will be confiscated by customs.

We offer the most reliable payment and shipping method for watch replicas.

The better solution is:

Bank transfer to our EU account and delivery of the replica watches without customs. You will then receive the payment details immediately after placing your order by e-mail.

We guarantee shipping without customs clearance within 15 working days. You can use the tracking number to track the delivery at any time.

We often hear the question “What guarantees do I have?” Unfortunately, apart from the reputation of the seller, there are no guarantees whatsoever.

We are not storytellers and we want to serve people honestly. We work with realistic people who live in a real world and do not believe in fairy tales.

Read reviews and comments, for example, in the forum - Replicauhren.pro.
The ratio of positive and negative reviews should be acceptable.

Only one scammer doesn't have negative reviews.
In an anonymous network, it is impossible not to have negative reviews if you have worked in the real market for a really long time.
There are always dissatisfied and simply sick people.

All the details about the payment and shipping of replica watches are fully described here.

I wish you a pleasant shopping!
Watchcopy.live operator
Admin Alex

everything is good, I am very satisfied!... 
This is my 3rd watch I bought from watchcopy and the quality of the watch is stunning close to the o... 
Delivered as announced, everything went great and the quality and workmanship is awesome. ... 
A great watch. Super quality at a reasonable price.... 
The Daytona has been running for me for 11 days now, still accurate to the minute! And it's on the wrist... 
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