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U-BOAT Replica - almost indistinguishable from the original

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NOOB U-Boat U-51 Chimera 663ETA
  NoobFactory clone Swiss 7750 automatic movement, 28800bph. Fully functional.
Price without tax € 429,00
U-Boat U-42 ​​580ETA
ETA Automatick factory. Diameter 52mm, height 17mm steel housing. Sapphire crystal.
Price without tax € 249,00

The U-BOAT Replica does not differ from the original either in its appearance or in its functions. It is a high-quality copy that you will rarely find on the market today. Even those collectors who want to buy copies of coins, stamps or paintings will have to search a long time before they find what they are looking for in the desired quality and design. To produce a really high-quality replica that can hardly be distinguished from the original from the outside and technically, that is actually an art today. A lot of technical understanding, including small individual parts, screws, wheels and springs, is just as important as precise knowledge of the overall function of such a movement, which is often even more demanding due to its numerous complications. You also need precise knowledge of materials, tools and manufacturing processes and the mastery of many manual work processes is required, as well as a trained eye and a very steady hand to create such a filigree work of art like the U-BOAT replica. This replica is therefore an exact optical and also technical copy of your original and only watchmakers and specialists who have been trained for many years and are well versed in their field will be able to recognize and assess this subtle and almost indistinguishable difference that lies between the copy and the original. After months of preparation and in an elaborate manufacturing process based on the precision of the operations in a factory, these beautiful and timeless U-Boat replicas are created. Owning such a watch symbolizes a piece of watchmaking tradition and history. It shows an awareness of high-precision technology and handcrafted quality. The purchase of a U-Boat Replica is a conscious decision for a unique product that has the character of a one-of-a-kind. The perfect beauty and the precision of the lines of this watch is also reflected in its robust and long-lasting functionality. U-Boat Replica is not just a mundane timepiece. It is a quality product that is part of a long tradition of craftsmanship and that knows how to convince again and again with its external attributes as well as its internal values, such as accuracy, precision and longevity, and generates enthusiasm among customers. U-Boat Replica not only symbolizes the traditional values ​​of the watchmaking trade, but it also represents the progress of handcrafted watch quality. A watch quality that is quite suitable to last a lifetime and to please its owner. A watch quality that undoubtedly sets standards for the production of high-quality replicas. Buying a U-Boat Replica is not just about buying a timepiece. Rather, it is also a bow to all those who have achieved and achieved the quality and unique beauty of this unique product with passion for their profession and with perfect craftsmanship.

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