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Replica watches instructions

Please read the instructions and information about handling your watch carefully before use. This way, you will definitely have a better experience with your watch later. 

Water resistance / waterproofness:
Although some watches are water resistant to some extent, you should still keep them as far away from water as possible and make sure the crown is locked tightly. This prevents water or moisture from penetrating. Before we send them out, all watches have been checked for functionality. Please do not wear your watch while swimming or showering. In this way, accidental seepage of moisture or water is prevented. We can no longer guarantee the watch if water or moisture gets into the watch during accidental use. 

Question 1: What do I have to do first after I have received the watch?
Answer 1: Please wind the watch after you get it. The watch will probably lose its energy during the approach. Wind the watch by turning the crown clockwise 15 to 20 times. There is no need to wind a battery-powered watch. When the crown of your watch is screwed in completely, turning it counterclockwise loosens it again. Then turn clockwise 15 to 20 times as mentioned and push in the crown. Turn the crown clockwise while screwing it in firmly. By manually winding the watch, it starts ticking. 

Question 2: My watch is automatic, why does it stop?
Answer 2: If you have a quartz watch, the battery is empty. Please replace the battery. If it is an automatic watch, its energy is almost depleted. She regains her energy through certain movements. If you don't wear the watch and it loses energy, it will stop. To get it working again, it is wound 10 to 12 times by turning the crown clockwise. The correct setting of the day or date depends on whether the crown adjusts itself, is embedded in the watch or is a sliding button. Adjust them accordingly. Pull the crown out a little and set the day / date (this is how it works on most watches). Pulling the crown out twice will set the time. If there is a screw in the crown, loosen the crown counterclockwise and set the date and time as instructed. 

Question 3: How do I set the time?
Answer 3: To set the time, the crown is loosened counterclockwise if it has a screw. To do this, you have to slowly and carefully pull the crown out a little. The easiest way to do this is to take your first and second fingers and use your knuckle as a 'lever'. Now pull the crown out with as little force as possible. A faint click can be heard. You can now set the time by turning the crown counterclockwise. The minute hands move forward as the time is set. When the time is set, push the button back in and unscrew the crown clockwise for a couple of laps to make sure it is locked in place. 

Question 4: How do I set GMT and local time?
Answer 4: GMT means 'double time zone'. It is usually found on a 24-hour clock instead of the 12-hour clock that we normally use. GMT can be set with two time zones: both with the help of a local minute-hour time and with a (sometimes red) GMT arrow for the second time zone. To set the time, please follow the instructions below:
1. Slowly and carefully loosen the crown counterclockwise until it loosens slightly. The button is pulled out in two steps. Please do not use too much force and make sure that you proceed lightly and carefully. 
2. The first step is to set the second GMT time zone, while the second is to set the local time. With the gradual pulling out, the GMT time / date is set by turning the knob clockwise and counterclockwise. To set the local time, the button is pulled out again. Pressing in the button takes you back to the GMT setting. If it is pressed a second time, it returns to the standard position. Now you can turn it back clockwise while gently pushing it in to lock the crown onto the case. 
3. Set the local time FIRST and THEN the second GMT time zone. If you set the local time, the GMT time is also changed in parallel.

Question 5: I have a quartz watch (battery operated), when do I have to change the batteries?
Answer 5: Typically, a new battery will last two years. You should replace the battery within two years, depending on when it was last changed. 

Question 6: I have a watch with a date. How do I change the date?
Answer 6: To change the time and date, you need to do the following: If you have a screw-in crown like a Rolex, turn the crown a few turns counterclockwise until it loosens. Then carefully pull the crown out with your thumb and forefinger nail. Please proceed carefully to prevent the bar from breaking off. You should hear a click. 
Pull out the crown in two steps. The first step is to set the date (and also the day, if you have a Rolex 'Day-Date'), while the second step is to set the local time (please read question / answer 2). You can only further set the date by turning the crown in one direction. When the date and time are set, please push the crown back in and turn it counterclockwise a few times to lock it. 

Question 7: What is a screw-in crown? How is it different from others?
Answer 7: A screw-in crown is fixed on the watch case when you turn the crown clockwise towards the case. After it has been tightened, it is tightened tightly. Screw-in crowns were used on most Rolex watches. If you want to turn your watch, you have to loosen the crown. To do this, turn the button counterclockwise until the crown protrudes about 1 to 1,5 millimeters from the watch. Please do not use force to pull out the crown. In this way, the bridge connected to the watch can easily break. 
When the crown comes out, you can turn it and set the time, date and day just like any other watch. To lock it, turn it slowly and push it back into the watch until it locks securely. If it is firmly in place, no further force is required! For most other watches without a screw-in crown, simply turn it and set the time, date or day without having to loosen the crown. 

Question 8: What is a recessed button? How does it differ from buttons that are not embedded?
Answer 8: Recessed buttons are designed in such a way that the button is located inside the case due to the optics. Often there are already too many buttons on the watch, recessed buttons create more space and make the watch look more appealing. Usually the date, year, day etc. are set with the help of recessed buttons. Use a ballpoint pen to pull the recessed button all the way out. The complete detachment enables the settings to be changed. Please repeat the process until the information is correct. Don't squeeze or release it halfway. Sometimes the gearbox adjusts itself only halfway and gives the information incorrectly. This can damage other components in the movement. 

Question 9: I own a Rolex 'Daytona' with a Valjoux 7750B1 movement and working time. How do I use the stopwatch function?
Answer 9: The Daytona has watch buttons with a protective screw cap. This unique feature is characteristic of the Rolex 'Daytona'. When you need to press the button, loosen the screw until it is level with the inside button. After that, you can push the button and pull it out. Please make sure that you pull out completely and completely detach it in the process. Pulling it halfway could freeze the button halfway and cause mechanical problems. 

Question 10: What is a total station and how does it work?
Answer 10: This is a scale on the dial. In fact, many sports versions of watches have a total station on either the rim or the bezel. In connection with the second hand it shows the speed of a moving object. A total station takes a value determined in less than a minute and converts it to miles per hour. For example, the wearer could measure the time it takes a car to pass between mile markers on the freeway. When the car passes the second mark, the second hand will show the vehicle's kilometers per hour on the tachymetric scale. 

Question 11: How do I use the stopwatch function on the 'Valjoux 7750B1' movement to avoid damage?
Answer 11: In order to avoid damaging the fine mechanisms of the 'Valjoux 7750B1' movement, you should observe the notes below:
If your Valjoux 7750B1 has a date function, PLEASE DO NOT adjust the date between 10.00 a.m. and 15.00 p.m. In doing so, you will unwittingly damage the internal gear. The best option is to manually set the time to 6.00:7750 a.m., then adjust the date accordingly. If you are using the clock function of the Valjoux 1BXNUMX, please always make sure that you press the upper button down to activate the stopwatch. The same button is pressed to stop the stopwatch. 

As a reminder, the 'Start' and 'Stop' functions are performed with the UPPER button. ONLY AFTER you HAVE PAUSED the stopwatch, press down the bottom button to RESET the stopwatch function. PLEASE DO NOT depress the lower button while the stopwatch function is still running. DO NOT depress the lower button until you have PAUSED the watch. If you follow these instructions carefully, the watch will last you for a long time. Of course, watches don't last a lifetime as they aren't made to COSC standards. In addition, they were not made in Geneva or bear the engraving 'Swiss Geneve'. Please keep in mind that a replica is always a replica. Enjoy them nonetheless and considering the cost, these accomplished replicas are really pretty to wear, aren't they? If you have any further questions, please kindly contact me at the address [email protected]

Some additional information about the '7750 / 7750b1 / 7753 Valjoux' movement:
- Please read through the information before using your watch with the above movement -
Please do not start the movement until you have carried out all the steps as specified. When you receive your watch, please remember to wind it up by hand at around 50 revolutions in order to create sufficient power reserves. Then shake the watch well for about four minutes to create even more energy reserves (if necessary). In the next step, pull the crown out to set the time by hand. Please be sure when the device displays the times 'am' and 'pm'. You will know what is am and pm before you proceed. But please never set the date between 10.00 a.m. and 15.00 p.m.! Don't ask me why the watches are designed this way, it just is. If you adjust the date in the period between 10.00 a.m. and 15.00 p.m., the date will hang or it will only move halfway. Finally, after confirming the 'am' and 'pm' indications, you can adjust the crown on the watch to get the date you want. Resetting the clock hand to zero, on the other hand, is a matter of luck. You either do a great job of resetting, or you don't. My real Rolex 'Daytona' couldn't be reset to zero for three months. Quite apart from that, please always make sure that you have sufficient energy reserves when you start your watch. Have fun!

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