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If you like it practical, a Rado replica watch is a great choice

There are no products available from this manufacturer.

The luxury watch brand Rado is made in Switzerland. Swiss quality has proven itself time and again, because only the highest quality materials are used here. Rado mainly relies on high-quality ceramic assemblies. Rado is also known for its beautiful sapphire crystal and incredibly stable hard metal, which is often used as a cladding. The quality of Rado is also characterized by its careful workmanship. This makes the Rado watches particularly robust. Rado develops the ceramic itself. For the first time in 2011 Rado presented the first version of their high-tech ceramic. The watches are constantly being developed, that is what makes Rado so special, it is constantly being developed further. In 2013 further models were presented, this time ultra-light models with Si3N4 TiN ceramic came to light. Rado was founded in 1917 under the name Schlup & Co. Since then, a lot has happened in the company. For example, Rado belongs to the Swatch Group, which is headquartered in the Swiss canton of Bern. Rado watches have come a long way over the years. They are available in over 150 countries. The main markets, however, are Germany, Switzerland, Italy, the USA and the Asian markets. The most popular Rado models are Rado Ceramica, Rado Sintra, Rado Integral, Rado True and Rado True Thinline. These Rado models are sold most often and are therefore in great demand. When researching the various materials that are required for the highly complex manufacture of Rado watches, we work with Georges Ruedin SA. This company is also part of the Swatch Group. As a result of this collaboration, extraordinary materials such as hard metal, technical ceramics, lanthanum, polycrystalline diamond and sapphire glass are used. In 1995 Rado received the innovation award in Switzerland. By now, at the latest, it should be clear that with Rado watches you rely on very high quality, which is guaranteed to only exist once in the world. The managing director Matthias Breschan now employs more than 470 people worldwide. Rado watches are therefore one of the leading manufacturers in the watch industry. Rado watches are basically scratch-resistant and skin-friendly watches. Often many models are also equipped with diamond or gold jewelry. Anyone who intends to buy a Rado watch must know that they are buying a piece of history. Rado watches belong to a long tradition. This tradition is constantly being improved and further developed.


Certain Rado luxury watches have already won several design awards. It almost always wins the Good Design Award. The iF Product Design Award is also won again and again. All in all, one can only say that Rado watches are really worth their price.

There have been no serious Rado replicas in the replica watch market for a long time. The ceramics were very expensive, and of course the plastic copies of the rado were no more than a child's play. Everything changed around 2010.


Other manufacturers bring similar ceramics to market at a much cheaper price. This fact was immediately taken advantage of by radio replica watch manufacturers.



To be honest, the Rado brand has been hit hardest by counterfeits.


The fact is that Rado has never focused on unique mechanisms and complex functions, except when it comes to ceramics, there is nothing unique about Rado watches.


The watch was fitted with an ordinary quartz movement that is not expensive at all.


Even today, good Rado replica watches can hardly be distinguished from the original.


On our website you can find the most popular Rado Replica watches at a very low price.

If you like it practical, a Rado replica watch is a good choice and you don't have to pay more than 200 euros.

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