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What different quality levels are there for replica watches in Germany?
How do you recognize cheap fake watches?
What shouldn't you expect from the best Replicas watches?
What should be considered when buying replica watches?
What do I get in the set?

Let's look at these questions in turn:

Replica watches are traditionally divided into the following quality levels:

Japanese Replica - also known as Miyota Replica.
(Miyota is a Japanese clockwork manufacturer)

ETA Replicas - also called Swiss Replica
(ETA is a Swiss watch manufacturer)

Noobfactory - A manufacturer of some of the best replica watches.


All fake watches contain replica mechanisms. 

If you want to believe in fairy tales - please believe, but then you don't have to turn to us because we are not storytellers. In practice, we know that it is not possible to convince a customer who is looking for fake brands with real ETA works. Because there is simply no such thing. 

Sooner or later, anyone who believes in miracles will find a webpage created by a Chinese teenager. This is full of photos of real watches. He will surely find someone willing to lie and cheat on him. 

If you've read this far, you're not one of those stupid people. Therefore we are ready to work with you.

The cheapest watches, the so-called Japanese replicas, do not have working chronographs. We show you what a chronograph is here. 
If you press the Chronograph buttons instead of starting the stopwatch, the arrows on the small dials will move at random. Often one hears the question: What do they show? I answer - nothing. 

Such fake watches are not waterproof, have no sapphire crystal and the yellow version often has a very weak coating that comes off quickly.

Still, I don't want to say that it doesn't make sense to buy such fake watches. There are also quite good models with better quality. 

For example, the Rolex Submariner is very similar to the original. He has all the markings and engravings. It also has a laser engraving on the glass above the number 6. Has a screwed-in crown, which makes it mostly waterproof. But we cannot guarantee this. These watches cost 109 euros with us, although the remaining 98% of the sellers sell such watches for 500 euros - 50% discount = 250 euros. This means that the watch with a purchase price of 50 euros is offered as an expensive ETA replica. This is what I want to talk about next. 

As mentioned above, ETA-Replica (also called Swiss Replica) have a high quality movement with a fully functional chronograph, sapphire crystal, water resistance 10ATM, stainless steel and all laser markings.
The price for such watches is between 250 and 400 euros.

Accuracy for such a mechanical movement is +/- 10 to 20 seconds per day. For comparison: a real mechanical Rolex can have a deviation of five seconds. Real fake watches with quartz movements usually work exactly.

Let's look at the highest quality, the so called Trustworthy Replica Watches from Noobfactorys. 
As already mentioned, Noob Factory is a well-known manufacturer of very high quality replica watches, which came on the market in 2016 and, thanks to the latest equipment of the factory, occupies a leading position in the upper price segment.
Over time, other factories (such as ARF) have updated their equipment and offered the same high quality to the market. The term Noob Factory itself has become a term like Xerox or Jeep and means the highest level of quality.

What's new about the noob factories?

First, more precise copying of the smallest details, for example with a decorative overlay - the work has become very similar to the original. Now it is almost impossible to distinguish real from fake even with the lid open. 
Some experts claim the better quality of screws, leather and more filigree engravings, can only be seen with a magnifying glass. 
However, as our practice shows, the work itself has not changed significantly in terms of accuracy and reliability. Is it worth paying between 400 and 700 euros for such a watch? 
If you ask us for our opinion, our answer is: For some models it is worthwhile, for others it is not. Contact us by email or WhatsApp and we will be happy to help you choose.

Let's summarize.
How can you distinguish fake watches from expensive ones?

1. The cheap watch does not have a chronograph
2. They are usually not waterproof
3. Markings are made by printing and not by engraving. Take a close look at our photos and you will understand what we mean.
4. The glass has no bluish tinge. This is typical for sapphire crystal and is usually very dazzling in the sun.
5. The inside of the bracelet does not look neat. The leather of the bracelet is tough and often has protruding threads.
6. The screws are often not tightened and sometimes they are simply pushed into the housing. 

Also, what not to expect from the best replica. 

Often times we can hear a question from customers - is it an identical copy or are they one on one? This is a very naive question. Think for yourself, if a replica is 100% identical to the original, it is no longer a replica but a real watch.

There is always a difference. An experienced specialist will always recognize a fake, whether it is a Rubens picture or a Rolex replica. 

As mentioned above, a replica never has a real original work. In addition, it does not have a water resistance of 1.000 meters and it is not made of precious metals or set with stones.

In addition, you should not expect complex functions such as the five-day power reserve, the moon phase display or the perpetual calendar to work completely. Although the real tourbillon in the high-quality replicas no longer surprises anyone.

What to look for when buying a replica.

First of all, make sure the seller guarantees delivery without customs clearance. Otherwise your goods could be confiscated by customs.

NEVER BUY A 50% OFF REPLICA - this is a fraud guarantee. No seller in the market has a 50% margin to offer such a discount. 
Replica manufacturers never sell out, so good branded replica watches are available cheaper. In addition, they are always in short supply and are constantly increasing in price. 

Carefully compare photos of replica watches with photos of real watches. The magazine quality photos are meant to draw your attention. Because replica watch dealers are never able to burn hundreds of thousands of euros for the photo session. 

How do I check the reliability of replica sellers?

Choose a watch with the most complex functions, preferably with an open movement. 
Complex functions can never be exactly copied.
You can quickly notice small differences. This means that a minimum of replicas are presented on this page. So no real watches.

Read forums to find reviews. 
e.g. Replicauhren.pro. 
The lack of negative reviews usually indicates fraud. There are generally no sellers without negative ratings. The anonymity in the network gives sick people the opportunity to write bad things with impunity and there are many of them. Unfortunately this is the reality. Find a seller with an acceptable balance of good and bad reviews.

No bank in the world offers credit card processing for replica watch dealers. 
If you are asked to pay for fake brands with a credit card, you are dealing with a XNUMX% fraudulent person. 

Don't console yourself with the hope that cash on delivery will save you from fraud. 

You can easily get a fake and cannot prove anything. No lawyer can file a lawsuit against counterfeit watches.

The only guarantee you have is the reputation of the seller. Unfortunately there are no further guarantees.

How and what do I get with the product?

The watch will be delivered in neutral packaging by Deutsche Post, by registered mail. A replica box is not included. Firstly, caskets are attracting law enforcement attention and secondly, there are no really good replica boxes out there. There is no point in sending beautiful watches in a cheap box. Documents and certificates are also not included. Possession of such documents, in contrast to possession of fake watches, is illegal.

I hope my clarifications are useful to you and I wish you a pleasant shopping.

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