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Hublot King Power Ayrton Senna

  • 10 October 2012 23:58:47
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Confusingly similar to the original, but affordable for everyone, these are the features that distinguish a "Hublot Ayrton Senna Replica" wristwatch. Reproduced down to the smallest detail, a Hublot King Power Ayrton Senna replica wristwatch is in no way inferior to the actual original and can hardly be distinguished at first glance. In honor of a great personality in motorsport, this replica wristwatch was dedicated to Ayrton Senna, who died tragically and whose outstanding achievements have decisively shaped Formula 1 to this day. In a limited edition of just 500 pieces, this collection was brought out on the occasion of the 50th birthday of Formula 1 legend Ayrton Senna. A real high-performance split-second chronograph that attracted Formula 1 fans from all over the world, in whose hearts the Brazilian idol lives on. Just as Ayrton Senna once completed his laps on the racetracks of the world with precise perfection, this chronograph also works. Timekeeping and speed are presented with exacting accuracy in breathtaking action that makes the heart of every motorsport fanatic beat faster. The similarity to the original is amazing, but the indexes are not yellow like the original, but all black. Whereas the makers for the hours and seconds are shown in white on the replica wristwatch.

The extraordinary design with the extra-large watch case was not only provided with a high-quality chronograph mechanism, but also has an extremely robust, eye-catching black appearance. The first time you look at this noble designer piece, you get a real motorsport feeling, because the yellow lettering Ayrton Senna catches the eye of every observer. Made of carbon fiber, this noble replica wristwatch can withstand rough shocks without breaking or suffering any damage. As is well known, carbon fiber is also used in Formula 1, because the excellent material properties are a sign of perfection. Although this replica is not made of the same carbon fiber material as it is used in Formula 1, it is made of black PVD, which is in no way inferior to the appearance and robustness of the original carbon fiber. With this replica wristwatch Ayrton Senna comes a touch of youthfulness, which will guarantee many envious looks on the wrist. An intensive look at the impressive display panel of the chronograph reveals many smaller holes, which do not indicate a defect, but rather resemble a brake disc on a Formula 1 racing car. Great importance was attached to this detail in the manufacture of these replicates.

But not only on the front of this replica wristwatch are eye-catching details to be seen, a real treat can also be found on the back. The image of the legendary idol Ayrton Senna with the inscription King Power is reminiscent of the driving skills of the former Formula 1 driver. Surrounded by very small, elaborately manufactured threaded screws and the "Limited Edition Hublot Geneve" engraving in bright yellow, this wristwatch not only looks particularly valuable, but is a real one-of-a-kind replica wristwatch. The original strap of this wristwatch "Hublot Ayrton Senna Replica" is made of hard-wearing rubber, which is known as Nomex. This material is of course also used in motorsport, such as in Formula 1, to make racing suits for the drivers. Not only do Formula 1 pilots wear a material like Nomex on their bodies, but also owners of such a replica wristwatch, which gives this piece of jewelery a very special flair. A replica wristwatch Ayrton Senna is not only characterized by high-quality workmanship and materials, but also impresses with its accuracy and longevity, which alone speaks for this unique product. The Ayrton Senna replica wristwatch is a real asset to the existing collection, especially for watch collectors or motorsport fans.

Hublot King Power Ayrton Senna

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