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All watches from the Watchcopy Replica watch shop are protected by a 6-month service guarantee free of charge.

Please read about our Replica Watch Shop experiences on the forums.

One often hears the question, why only six when the law requires two years?

We answer: According to the law, it is generally not allowed to sell replica watches. Do you want a two-year service guarantee? - buy a real Rolex.
Please note that in order to take advantage of the Rolex guarantee, you must have paid maintenance carried out every 6 months. This costs more by itself than the Watchopy Replica Shop watch.

After monitoring the market, you will understand that our 6 month offer is one of the best on the market.

Replica manufacturers give no guarantees at all. We are almost the only replica watch shop in Germany that offers a six month guarantee at our own expense.

In the event of a breakdown, you will be given an address to which you must send the watch for repair or exchange.

You pay for the delivery to the workshop, we pay for the return shipping.

The repair or exchange period, including delivery to both sides, can be up to one month.

What is not a guarantee:

1. Mechanical breakage of the bracelet during operation. We will only accept the breakage of the bracelet as a guarantee claim if you have received it and declared it immediately upon receipt.

All luxury brands do not count the mechanical breakage of the bracelet as a guarantee. Such failures usually occur due to careless handling of the watch.

2. Uprooting of the crown by brute force. Due to its construction, the crown cannot come off by itself.

What about the return?

Next, I'll answer frequently asked questions.

Can I return the watch if I don't like it?

We will exchange or refund the money if the function or appearance of the watch does not correspond to the description or the images in our replica shop.
Sometimes you can hear: «According to the law I have the right of return.

According to the law, it is not allowed to sell counterfeits at all. If you legally want it, pay many thousands and buy a real Rolex.

We don't feel like delivering prohibited goods aimlessly around the globe just because you've changed your mind, or haven't carefully read the description, or haven't looked at the photos in our replica watch shop.

If you did not like the watch, which is extremely rare, you can sell it in our forum replicauhren.pro in the "Offer" section.

In most cases you do not need our professional warranty service. Our replicas are of good quality and serve for many years.

After many years of replica watch experiences
the probability of failure within 5 years is no more than 2% - this is a good indicator even for real watches.

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Delivered as announced, everything went great and the quality and workmanship is awesome. ... 
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The Daytona has been running for me for 11 days now, still accurate to the minute! And it's on the wrist... 
A great watch. Super workmanship and quality. Watchcopy is a totally reliable supplier... 
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