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Dear customers, we often hear the question: Are replica watches legal in Germany?

Selling replicas is banned in many countries, but not all. Our business operates in one of the offshore zones where replica watches are legal.

Buying replicas is legal.

Law enforcement agencies can only prosecute the seller, never the buyer.

If, in purely theoretical terms, you tell law enforcement agencies that you have bought a replica watch, you can hear the instruction that buying replica watches is no good. You can listen or you can decline the teaching :)

The second important question is about customs.

This is a really important question as customs confiscate copies of illegal watches.

We guarantee the delivery of imitation watches without customs clearance within the EU. The watch will be delivered in neutral packaging by registered mail from the German Post.

You can buy replica watches from us with a peace of mind!
Don't worry, we are professionals, no one has ever had problems with our imitation watches. 


All items offered are replicas (replicas, copies, imitations). These are therefore not offered as true brand name products. The articles are for entertainment purposes only and are intended as products for collectors. Our articles are of very high quality, extremely detailed and authentic. However, they cannot be associated with products of any brand, nor do they serve to discredit manufacturers of branded products. Without exception, all products are intended for private use outside the public. By purchasing these products, buyers undertake not to offer them as original products or to resell them on their part. It is also prohibited to display the products publicly and thus to offer them on the open market. The shop owner hereby expressly declares that it will not accept any liability for any actions by its customers who contradict this disclaimer.



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