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Many were particularly enthusiastic about the Eberhard & Co "Replica" collection

There are no products available from this manufacturer.

Eberhard & Co Replica Collection


Eberhard & Co is one of the best-known manufacturers of high-quality watches. The company was founded in Switzerland as early as 1887 under the name "Manufacture d'Horlogerie Eberhard & Co." founded and established itself then as now on the market. Under the motto "Innovation with Tradition", Eberhard and Co. have been producing innovations for more than 120 years. The 18-carat gold case is both the company's trademark and quality guarantee. The watch manufacturer became particularly famous in the 30s when the company became the supplier to the Italian Navy and the watches were carried all over the world. The "Replica" collection in particular impressed many.

The Eberhard & Co Replica collection was inspired by the models of the 30s worn by Italian naval officers. Accordingly, there are only men's watches in this collection. There are three models: The 31931.2, 31039.1 and 31039.2 models. All three models have a mechanical, self-winding chronograph, a steel case and a non-reflective domed watch glass made of sapphire. Furthermore, they all have a watch cover fastened with eight screws, a leather strap and a buckle cap with a diameter of 16mm. The dials are round with black Arabic numbers. Optionally, each model can also be equipped with a watch cover that pops open, so that the fine mechanical processes of the watch can be seen. In terms of dimensions, all models are the same. All have a diameter of 39,5mm, a thickness of 17mm and all withstand a pressure of 5 bar, which is a depth of 5 meters under water. On the right edge of the clock you will find a button at the top and bottom. These buttons are there to stop time. The Eberhard & Co replica collection has earned itself particularly through this function, because in the 30s the company developed its first watches with which you could stop the time, but not reset it to zero. You can't do this with these watches either. 

The differences between these models lie in the various functions. The models 31039.1 and 31039.2 both have the complete calendar, with which they display the day of the week and the month in addition to the time. In addition to the time and the calendar day, the 31039.1 model also shows the phases of the moon. On the dial of the model 31931.2 a speedometer is shown in thin blue lines, which was inspired by the "Tazio Nuvolari" collection. Tazio Nuvolari was a famous driver in racing in his day. In his honor, Eberhard & Co Replica brought out an entire collection. 

The Eberhard & Co Replica collection is very popular due to the beauty, simplicity and functionality of the watches. However, the watches of this company are expensive according to the quality and fame. If you want to see the style and beauty of such a watch without spending two grand, you can also buy replicas online here on the site, which are also made by U-BOAT.
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