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The Corum Replica was created for the sole purpose of being as close as possible to the original piece

There are no products available from this manufacturer.

A Corum replica is a high-quality 1A replica that corresponds fully to the original down to the smallest detail in all external features, as well as in its function and technical features. The Corum Replica was created for the sole purpose of being as close as possible to the original piece. All dimensions, details, designs and weights are completely the same as the original. All logos and markings are in exactly the same places as they can be found on the original. Everything was lavishly embossed or engraved, depending on how it was done on the original. But the technical functionalities of the Corum replica are also completely identical to the original, because everything works just as precisely. Like the original, the Corum replica was made with passion and precision in almost craftsmanship quality. Today, this means that even a watchmaker would be unsure at first if the original and a Corum replica were presented to him for assessment. Even the finest details of the dial, the hands or the crown and bezel match the original. The high quality of this Corum replica is already evident from the materials used in its manufacture, such as extremely fine brushed stainless steel and scratch-resistant sapphire or mineral glass with an anti-reflective coating on both sides. As reliable as the original, the precision clockworks used also do their job in chronographs and automatic watches. The decision for this Corum replica is therefore a decision that testifies to an exquisite and stylish taste in equal measure. This high-quality Corum replica, which is already available at a fraction of the price of the original, is not often to be found, because due to the quality and perfection of its manufacture it is already coveted and popular with collectors and watch lovers all over the world. Whether in everyday life or at celebrations and in large company: the wearer of such a Corum replica will always attract the admiring glances of those present and thus become the focus of society. This Corum Replica is always something special and unique, regardless of whether you wear it yourself or give it to loved ones. This replica represents uniqueness and an upscale lifestyle that always appreciates something special. It is the opportunity to distinguish yourself with a unique accessory even with a limited budget and to stand out from the crowd. It is the opportunity to be a special, unique person while enjoying the wonderful feeling of wearing an exquisite designer watch on your wrist. It is a privileged attitude towards life that one should enjoy by deciding to buy this Corum Replica. It is the conscious decision for an elegant and thus at the same time extraordinarily stylish life.

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